On May 11, 2024, Han Bai Kung Fu students and guests gathered at Briggs Chaney Middle School in Silver Spring, Maryland to commemorate the 96th death anniversary of Founder Han Bai. Read more....

History - Rebirth

Class on 2/9/1983 Han Bai Shiaolin School (2/9/1983)

Mr. Huynh van Mi in the meantime, continued to teach privately at home. In 1983 some of his students began teaching Han Bai martial arts again in Saigon under the name of Han Bai Shaolin. Therefore, Han Bai martial arts came back after 20 years of obscurity.

Master Nguyen Bang Master Nguyen Bang

In 1993, Master Nguyen V. Bang, a favorite student of Master Huynh van Mi settled in Maryland, USA, and began teaching martial arts to Vietnamese youths at the Silver Springs YMCA. Later, he taught it at Broad Acres Elementary School, Northampton, Silver Springs, MD. In the spring of 1997, another class was opened at Casey Community Center in Gaithersburg, MD. Today Han Bai martial arts is known in the U.S. as Han Bai Kung Fu, carrying with it a new vitality through reformed and enriched techniques, forms and training programs as well.